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Darwyn Cooke (born November, 1962 in Toronto, Ontario, died May 14, 2016 in Pinellas County, Florida) was a Canadian comic writer and artist, whose work has been honored with numerous Eisner, Harvey, and Joe Shuster Awards.


Darwyn Cooke began his career with Warner Bros. Animation in 1997. He had worked as a storyboard artist on Superman: The Animated Series and animated Batman Beyond's title sequence. However, Cooke quickly hit a wall with his aspirations in the field, and pivoted back to writing and drawing comics. Due to the style he used in Batman: Ego, he "became the guy they phoned when Bruce Timm said 'No thanks'", leading to him drawing covers for many DCAU Comics, including Batman: Gotham Adventures, Batman Beyond, and Justice League Adventures.[1]

DCAU filmography[]

The New Batman Adventures

Batman Beyond

  • Title design

Justice League Unlimited

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