DC Animated Universe

"What do I look like to you, some kind of used appliance?"
"Don't be ridiculous. An appliance comes with an off-switch.
— Darlene and Sunny Jim

Darlene was a waitress at Al's Diner, located on Dooley-7. She possessed a great strength of character, and constantly berated her captor, Sunny Jim, without fear of reprisal.


Darlene became the focus of a bet between two men, Lobo and Sunny Jim, who had money on who could sleep with her first. She first encountered Jim as a customer in the diner. They were having a casual conversation when he told her that Lobo carved up his face in order to win the bet. She knew Lobo, and didn't believe him.

In order to win the bet, Jim took Darlene outside at gunpoint and then used knockout gas to incapacitate her. When she came to, she found that he had taken her to Tubo's Swap Meet where Jim tried to sell her to Tubo himself. Before the transaction could be completed, however, Lobo stepped in to disrupt it. Unfortunately for Darlene, Jim managed to flee with her as Tubo and Lobo duked it out.

When they reached the Interstellar Managers Planet, they ran out of gas and needed to continue their way on foot. She finally frees herself from bondage and – upon hearing gunfire in the distance – ran to the helpful arms of Lobo. He took her, after dealing with Sunny Jim, to Big Ahmet's, where he turned in Jim for reward cash and a hotel room. The ever-cunning Darlene got 'Bo intoxicated and then fled, taking off on his SpazFrag 666.

Background information[]

In the comics, Darlene Spritzer was a shy humanoid waitress working for Al's Diner, a crisp and clean establishment that had the bad luck of welcoming Lobo as their first customer. She is not as lippy as her Lobo: Webseries counterpart, and is a redhead rather than a blonde.