DC Animated Universe

Doctor Daniel Brown was a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Dr. Brown and Dr. Simmons were working on a new clean energy source when Mordru attacked the city. As a result of the heavy damage the wizard inflicted on the city, S.T.A.R. Labs was also hit. The containment field broke, and Dr. Brown was merged with a black hole. He fled away from the lab, trying to keep everyone out of harm's way. Meanwhile, the entire Justice League fought off Mordru.

Dr. Simmons made a special device that could shut down the black hole, and gave it to Booster Gold. Several attempts by Booster to place the collar around Dr. Brown's neck failed, due to debris from the battle blocking his way. All the time, the black hole in his body came closer and closer to critical mass. Trying desperately to help his rescuers, Dr. Brown sucked up a building that had been brought to life by Mordru. Skeets was sucked in in the process. The loss of his robot friend and a pep talk by Dr. Simmons gave Booster renewed energy to attach the collar. Rather than sneaking up from behind, as his plan had been to that point, Booster let himself be sucked into the black hole. At the last moment, he managed to secure the device around the doctor's neck.

The black hole was closed, and as Simmons tended to her colleague, all the things that were sucked in were thrown out again.


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