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"Again with this Daisy. Four times you've mentioned her, bro. I don't think it's her math program that gets you."

Daisy Watkins was a classmate and good friend of Virgil Hawkins.


Daisy was a brilliant kid who attended the Vanmoor Institute, a school for gifted youth. She shared a class with Duncan and Henry, and was taught by the conceited seniors Specs and Trapper. After a rousing adventure involving her hero Static, Specs and Trapper were arrested, and Daisy's parents had her transferred to a safer public school—Virgil's.[1] She became best friends with Frieda Goren, and later also Shenice Vale.[2]

Her admiration for Static got her into trouble on several occasions. Once, her eagerness to see Static in action almost became fatal. Static, excessively showboating in a fight with Puff and Onyx, was too late to prevent debris of the fight from falling on her. While she lay in a coma, Static went out to find Puff and Onyx, who he blamed for Daisy's current state. They were eventually caught with the help of Rubberband Man, who also blamed Static for the accident. Daisy eventually recovered.[3]

On another occasion, she was once kidnapped by a teacher, Ms. Moore, so her body could be used as a template for a perfect mate for Toyman.[4]

Background information[]

In Milestone comics, Daisy Watkins was introduced in Static #3 as a slightly brainier and less high-profile girlfriend for Virgil. Though hesitant at first, they stuck together and had an on-off relationship, with both occasionally dating others.



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