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Daily planet

The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet was the largest newspaper in Metropolis and one of the most respected news outlets in the world.



More or less the epicenter of Metropolis, the Daily Planet building is widely known for its enormous, signature globe, which rests high atop the structure. This has made the Daily Planet an occasional target for enemies of Superman, many of whom seek to lure the hero out for a fight because of his known ties to Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. The globe has been damaged numerous times, but is usually repaired or reattached by Superman. During Darkseid's invasion, the Planet offices were all but destroyed when Darkseid sent the giant globe crashing down through the entire structure.

Other than the LexCorp Tower, the Daily Planet building is probably the most famous structure in Metropolis, so it is likely that an effort will be made to fully repair the damage following the repulsion of Darkseid's forces.




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