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DC Comics, Inc. (or simply just DC) is one of the one of the two largest largest American companies in comic book and related media publishing (the other being Marvel Comics). Today a subsidiary of Warner Bros., DC is responsible for pop culture icons such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and their teammates in the Justice League.

The company was originally called National Periodical Publications (and credited as such in early animation projects, including some of the early Super Friends series). the DC imprint first saw use in 1940, and became the company's official name in the 1970s. The initials "DC" are an abbreviation for Detective Comics, after one of the company's flagship titles (which, most famously, was the title in which Batman made his first appearance). DC Comics is now located in New York City.

In addition to publishing the comics that served as source material for the DCAU, the company has also produced comic series set within the DCAU. These series are outside the mainstream DC comics universe, but their canonicity within the DCAU is also debatable.


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