Poison Ivy BTAS

Poison Ivy was an eco-terrorist. Unlike most of Batman's rogues, Poison Ivy was less interested about money and power, instead focusing on equality for plant life. However, her somewhat ruthless tactics frequently landed her in Arkham Asylum.

Pamela Isley was a botanist researching in Gotham City when she met District Attorney Harvey Dent. Shortly after their meeting, the two began dating. This, of course, was before she poisoned him. Years earlier, Harvey had arranged for an area of land to be excavated to build a prison in his quest to clean Gotham. The land, however, was the only breeding ground for a rare breed of plant, gone into extinction after the excavation.

A personal friend of Dent's, Batman investigated the scene. He quickly deduced Isley's involvement in the poisoning. Isley (revealing her preference for the moniker "Poison Ivy") had saved one sample of the rare plant, and from it created a toxin and an antidote. After some wordplay and (in Ivy's eyes) a hostage negotiation, Batman managed to secure the antidote, save Harvey's life, and commit Poison Ivy to Arkham Asylum. (Read more...)