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<gallery type="slider">
<gallery type="slider">
Slider1.png|Batman: TAS|link=|linktext=The series that started it all.
Slider1.png|Batman: TAS|link=Batman:_The_Animated_Series|linktext=The series that started it all.
Slider2.png|Superman: TAS|link=|linktext=The Last Son of Krypton.
Slider2.png|Superman: TAS|link=Superman:_The_Animated_Series|linktext=The Last Son of Krypton.
Slider3.png|Batman Beyond|link=|linktext=There's a new Batman in town!
Slider3.png|Batman Beyond|link=Batman_Beyond|linktext=There's a new Batman in town!
Slider4.png|Justice League Unlimited|link=|linktext=Heroes assembled.
Slider4.png|Justice League Unlimited|link=Justice_League_Unlimited_%28animated_series%29|linktext=Heroes assembled.
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Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker.jpg
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is a direct-to-video animated feature based on the Batman Beyond series. It is noteworthy for resolving the conflict between the Joker and the original Batman, as well as introducing the Joker into the Batman Beyond timeframe. Also resolved was the fate of the second Robin, Tim Drake.

While the feature is quite popular among DCAU fans, many of whom cite it as the animated universe's storytelling apotheosis, its release was plagued by controversy. Scenes dubbed too intense for young audiences were altered or outright removed from the film's first incarnation, in some cases drastically changing the mood of a scene, and when fan unrest led to an uncut version being released over a year later, it was given a PG-13 rating. (Read more...)

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