D.J. Rubber Ducky

D.J. Rubber Ducky was a popular Christmas present.


The D.J. Rubber Ducky doll was an anthropomorphic, yellow duck that had a sound chip with flatulent noises built into it. It was very popular with children, and even ordering it weeks in advance was no guarantee of getting one. The kids at the Central City Orphanage asked Flash to bring them one, and it wasn't long until he realized he had bitten off more than he could chew. All stores were sold out, and new supplies were not expected until the new year. Flash decided to circumvent conventional markets and went straight to the factory in Tokyo, where he was given the last doll.

His return to the orphanage was interrupted by a break-in in the museum. After a fight with the Ultra-Humanite, the doll was damaged, but the villain decided to repair it. So instead of "poopy noises", the children listened to The Nutcracker instead.


Justice League

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