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Derek "D.B." Barnett was a track athlete. Aftereffects of the Big Bang turned him into D-Struct.


Derek Barnett

Derek Barnett.

Derek was one of the top athletes at high school, but his grades were dropping. His coach asked him to take a tutor, and he chose Virgil Hawkins. During their first session, Derek started getting cramps. On his way home, the cramps were getting more painful. It erupted when he boarded the bus home: He became a large, ionic monster.

Terrified of the police, Static and himself, he fled into an alley, where he was found by Ebon. Ebon introduced him to the Meta-Breed, a gang of "monsters"; metahumans that were severely disfigured by the Big Bang. He made a home for the outcasts, which Derek accepted. The only thing Ebon wanted in return was D-Structs cooperation in the gang's criminal cause. Together with Ebon, Talon and Shiv, he robbed a money transport outside the Dakota Sports shop. Static arrived and quickly dispatched Talon and Shiv, trying to talk Derek out of the Meta-Breed. The attempt failed when Ebon talked D-Struct into blasting him instead.

Back at the hideout in Milestone St. Station, D-Struct didn't join the others to celebrate the successful heist. Instead, he just sat, thinking. Static popped up again and this time, Derek was more than willing to go back to his old life. He blasted Shiv and Talon, and together with Static made his getaway in an old subway car. The Breed managed to climb aboard but were quickly disposed of.

Back upstairs, Derek was reunited with his mother. He gave himself up and volunteered to be a test subject in Bang Baby research in hopes of finding a way to reverse the effects of the Big Bang.

Powers and abilities[]

Once transformed into D-Struct, Derek became pure ionic energy. He could shoot balls of it from his hands. He was able to return to normal of his own will, but only for brief periods of time.

Background information[]

A character named D-Struct appeared in Milestone's comic series Static, in issue 12. However, that D-Struct's real name is Damon Briggs, a Bang Baby forced to kill Static after a gang kidnapped his family.


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