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Crimson Fox was a Justice League member after the Thanagarian invasion.

Background information[]

Even though Crimson Fox was never named on-screen, the character is identified by that name on the special feature "...And Justice For All" of Justice League Unlimited - Season One (DVD).

The sisters Vivian and Constance D'Aramis ran Revson, a major Parisian perfume company (which may perhaps explain the origin of their pheromone powers). In order to make their heroic actions easier, they faked Constance's death, which enables them to continue running Revson and maintain the Crimson Fox guise.

A notable distinction between the two is due to Vivian's more pronounced French accent. She was also always portrayed as a more carefree and outgoing woman than her sister. Both possess the power of pheromone control and men in particular are highly susceptible to it. Fox is also known to be quite the seductress, which ties into her pheromone ability. Both sisters (first Vivian, and later Constance) fell in love with fellow hero Metamorpho.

The first two Crimson Foxes are deceased. Vivian D'Aramis met her fate at the hands of Puanteur in Justice League America, while Constance D'Aramis was killed by Starman villain, The Mist.

A third woman now operates as the Crimson Fox and claims to Hal Jordan that she is the heiress to the D'Aramis fortune. She has a similarly equipped costume as the previous versions and seems to possess identical pheromone powers.


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