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The Crimson Avenger was a Justice League member after the Thanagarian invasion.


The Crimson Avenger sported a red mask, a fedora, a trench coat, and carried a gas gun. He had no powers but carried either a gas gun which fired a green compound that appeared similar to tear gas (which he uses against living enemies) or a pair of regular firearms (which he used against the Dark Heart spider robots). On one mission for the League, he was called to look for Wonder Woman when she was transformed into a pig.[1] Another mission involved him being summoned to fight General Eiling, who had mutated into a powerhouse, but his gas gun rendered little effect on the behemoth, who sent both the gas and the Crimson Avenger flying with one clap of his hands.[2]

The Crimson Avenger also answered the world-wide call to the entire Justice League during Darkseid's latest invasion of Earth.[3]

Background information[]

The Crimson Avenger was a creation of Jim Chambers and debuted in Detective Comics #20 (October 1938), preceding DC's most notable superheroes, such as Batman and Superman.

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