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Crime Alley

"Good people still live in Crime Alley."

Crime Alley was a nickname to a historical district in Gotham City. Its proper name was Park Row.



Originally an upscale street in downtown Gotham City, Park Row; a glamorous locale for residents, but decades of urban decay and criminality the area lost its glory after thirty years. The glamour of its heyday was changed to poverty, and the street was commonly referred to as Crime Alley. One of the first residents was Leslie Thompkins, who had been living there from start.[1]

Park Row tragedy

The Park Row tragedy, as the newspapers called it, was a pivotal point in the life of Bruce Wayne. A burglar murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of their eight-year-old son Bruce after the family had watched a movie.[2] While police investigated, Leslie Thompkins looked after young Bruce, and the two remained friends after.[1]

Planned demolition

Roland Daggett, director of the Daggett Development Corporation, considered Crime Alley a breeding ground for crime, and tried endlessly to get it demolished and replaced with a mini-mall. As the legal roads proved unsuccessful, Daggett sent his goons to evict the residents, and hired Nitro to place explosives on an old gas pipe. The plan was, however, thwarted by Batman. Only several already condemned buildings were destroyed, while the SRO Hotel, where there were still people, remained undamaged.[1]


Bruce Wayne used his influence to keep the street preserved during the rebuilding of Gotham, creating the Historical District and making it the only part of the present-day Gotham City to remain. Bruce visited Crime Alley once a year and placed flowers on the ground where his parents were shot and killed.[3] However, the old police headquarters was destroyed by Shriek in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Bruce.[4]

Background information

In comics, not only is Crime Alley the place where Bruce's parents were killed, but it is also the location where Batman first met Jason Todd, when the youth attempted to steal the tires from the Batmobile, and where Batman battles Superman in Frank Miller's acclaimed series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Appearances and references

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