DC Animated Universe

Crewcut was a shady operative hired by Ashton Biotechnics.


Crewcut's mission was to retrieve doctors Jonathan and Dolores Vale, who had taken the test subject of a super-powered human and raised her as their daughter. For his search, no expenses were spared, and Crewcut and his team were outfitted with advanced detection material and weaponry.

Following news reports of a mysterious new teen superhero in Dakota, Crewcut focused his attention on the mid-western city. Analysis of a glove left after a fight confirmed his suspicions: the girl She-Bang was the test subject. He followed and ambushed her, and stored her on a cargo plane. He sent out his team to retrieve the doctors Vale, but Static quickly disposed of them. Gear used Back-Pack to hack into their van's GPS, and the Dakota Duo traced it back to an old airfield. Crewcut had the plane take off, ready to earn his reward, when Static boarded; all his weaponry in spite, Crewcut was defeated by the super-powered teens.

He was arrested by the FBI, and his bosses soon after that.


Static Shock