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Cree Summer (born July 7, 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is a Canadian-American actress and singer. In the DCAU, she is best known as the voice of Max Gibson on Batman Beyond.

DCAU Roles[]

Superman: The Animated Series

The New Batman Adventures

Batman Beyond

The Zeta Project

Static Shock

Justice League Unlimited

Background information[]

Summer was born Cree Summer Francks in Los Angeles, California, but raised on a Native American reservation in Saskatchewan, Canada (her mother, actress Lili Red Eagle Francks, is a member of the Cree Nation).

Summer's acting career began with voice work in 1983, as Penny Gadget, the niece of (and brains behind) Inspector Gadget - opposite Frank Welker, who voiced both Dr. Claw and Penny's faithful dog, Brain, and Maurice LaMarche, who voices Inspector Gadget.

Her most prominent live-action role is that of Winifred "Freddie" Brooks on the sitcom A Different World (a spinoff of The Cosby Show). Since 1995, Summer has focused primarily on voice acting. Some of her best known characters include Elmyra Duff on Tiny Toon Adventures and Susie Carmichael on Rugrats.

Summer is also a childhood friend, and frequent co-star, of fellow Canadian voice actress Tara Strong.


  • A minisode of Tiny Toon Adventures, (which both Bruce Timm and Paul Dini worked on before developing Batman: The Animated Series), spoofed Batman by featuring Plucky Duck as "Batduck." Elmyra Duff, voiced by Summer, played Batduck's Alfred-like maid.
  • In the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, Cree Summer provides the voice of Dr. Penelope Young (an original character for the game) where she is at odds with the present day Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy).

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