DC Animated Universe
Cred City

Cred City in Spring City

Cred City was a bank in Spring City, on the corner of 8th and Merrill, that primarily operated on cred cards.


Zeta called Agent Bennet from a video phone booth in front of the bank, but connected with Bennet's receptionist who patched the call through remotely. This compromised Zeta's location and led a bus full of NSA agents directly towards him. Hearing the approaching NSA hovercraft, Zeta broke the line and duckedk for cover just around the corner.

Simultaneously, Slam and Ro arrived on the scene. Man-handling the young girl, the gang leader insisted she followed through on his plans for a hold up, and threatened to kill her if she didn't. Witnessing the struggle, Zeta sacrificed his hiding spot to save the teenager and sustained damage from a stray gun blast. With the synthoid distracted, the NSA agents barreled out of their hovercraft, hoping to secure his capture, but accidentally subdued the attempted murderer instead. [1]


The Zeta Project


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