DC Animated Universe
Cranston Estates

Cranston Estates was suburb in the mountains north of Gotham City where Dr. Wakati conducted his experiments on temporal distortion.


Wakati chose a mansion in the estate as a place where his work would be free from electromagnetic interference. As a result, there were no phones, radios, or anything else that would give off any kind of frequency. The estate also served as a hideout for Temple Fugate, who disguised himself as Wakati's butler Harold and stole his time-stopping inventions to commit various crimes.

In order to stop Fugate, Batman and Robin rushed to the estate to get help from Wataki. They deduced Fugate's plan, but were unable to contact anyone since their phones wouldn't provide any reception. Batman and Robin then used Wakati's time devices to race back from the estate to the Gotham City courthouse in less than thirty seconds to foil Fugate's plan.


Batman: The Animated Series