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Copperhead was a supervillain for hire that had a snake-like costume and attributes.


Copperhead was a mercenary with lethal snake-like skills. He was hired by Lex Luthor as a member of the Injustice Gang, where he became attracted to femme fatale Cheetah. Copperhead was apprehended in the Gang's first skirmish with the Justice League. He was taken to Stryker's Prison, where Superman questioned him. The fiend had also "bitten" Batman in the battle, which injured him temporarily. Copperhead resurfaced, only to join Aresia's second Injustice Gang, while they escaped from the Biotech, he and Shade were knocked to the ground by Batman. This one was short-lived, however, seeing as all male members of the Gang, Copperhead included, were gassed with Aresia's deadly toxin.

Copperhead lived, however, teaming up with numerous other fellow criminals to escape from jail. This freedom was short-lived too, and Copperhead was apprehended. He later allied himself with several other criminals after Superman supposedly died but was caught once again. Sometime later he helped Cheetah, KGBeast and Blockbuster rob a gold vault but was stopped by the Justice League. He, along with the others, was banished to another realm by Mordred causing him to momentarily have a panic attack, thinking it was judgement day. Copperhead later joined Grodd's Legion of Doom. He assisted the team in their attack on Gorilla City, during which he was seen being thrown by a gorilla. During this time, Luthor overtook the Legion from Grodd, with himself at the Legion's head. During the mutiny in the Legion, Copperhead was among the villains loyal to Grodd that were later frozen by Killer Frost, and soon after that destroyed by Darkseid.


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