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Commander Steel was a Justice League member after the Thanagarian invasion.


During Darkseid's second invasion, he, Shayera, and Atomic Skull were one of the many teams sent across the earth to stop Darkseid's parademons and the drilling machines. While fighting, Commander Steel noticed Shayera had a spear thrown into her wing by a parademon and it was getting ready to attack her. He picked up a shield and threw it at the parademon, killing it and saving Shayera.

Background information[]

The character made several non-speaking appearances through the series and was never named, but a Mattel action figure bearing Commander Steel's likeness has been shown and confirms the character's name.

In the comics, Commander Steel (simply known as Steel) is Henry "Hank" Heywood III, grandson to the original Commander Steel who, as a wealthy industrialist, incorporated the same mechanized components into his grandson much to his grandson's disapproval. Heywood III was a Justice League Detroit team member and was mortally wounded in battle against an android belonging to one of the team's classic foes, Professor Ivo.


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