DC Animated Universe

Colonel Lemak was Agent Bennet's direct superior at the NSA. He's the only character who calls him "Jim".


Lemak hailed Agent Bennet when the agent went too far in to search for Zeta, who was going to investigate a break in at Research and Development. The colonel warned him off, saying it was "above your clearance", and when Bennett protested lives could be in danger he was fake-casually told to sit the break-in out. Bennet disobeyed his direct orders and pursued the synthoid anyway; Agent Lee informed Lemak of this. Lemak went down to Cryobin — where both Zeta and Dr. Selig were locked in at the time to take command of the mission and to reprimand Bennet for his action.[1] (Bennett would continue to try to track Selig anyway)

Later, Bennet consulted Lemak again when there was a security breach at a debriefing center used for Infiltration Units. They met at the center's Sub Rosa terminal, where Doctor Selig was seen. Lemak checked the terminal's entry logs and discovered that Selig was downloading the coordinates of his lab the Gnosis, a high security synthoid production lab, which confused him. Bennet theorized that it wasn't Selig doing the work; Lemak added a holofilter program to the security logs and discovered that Dr. Marcus Edmund, a hologram designer who had also worked on the Zeta Project was the culprit. Lemak then gave Bennet clearance to go to the Gnosis to save it.[2]


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