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Species: Olympian
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: The Olympians
Sirens (cousins)
Rogue of: Wonder Woman
Abilities: Sorcery
Animal transformation
Hypnotic charisma
Hypnotic beauty
Voiced by: Rachel York

Circe was an incredibly powerful sorceress who was banished to Tartarus by Hippolyta, for transforming innocent people into animals.


Circe spent some time in the Pit of Eternal Torment with Medusa, in whom she confided her hatred for Hippolyta. She was given an early parole, should she promise to leave Hippolyta alone. When Circe was breaking into the Natural History Museum, she was intercepted by Batman and Wonder Woman. Circe took this opportunity to get back at the Amazon Queen by getting to her daughter, and transformed Wonder Woman into a pig.

Circe always had the ambition to become a renowned singer, which hailed from jealousy of her cousins, the Sirens. So, she went to perform at the Amphitheater in Greece. There, she was confronted by Batman and Zatanna, but her superior mystical abilities could easily outmatch them. When Batman proposed a deal for her to lift the spell from Wonder Woman, Circe asked for his dignity, so he would have to sing for an audience. Circe was tearfully moved by Batman's performance and lived up to her part of the deal, and restored Wonder Woman to her true form.

Powers and Abilities

As a mythological sorceress made infamous by her role in The Odyssey, Circe possessed incredible magical powers. Examples of her abilities include:

  • Animal Transformation: As confirmed by The Odyssey and Wonder Woman, Circe had the power to transform innocent people and those who crossed her into whatever animals she desired them to become.
  • Cloaking: Circe had the power to conceal her presence, preventing others from discovering her location through magical means.


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