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Chuck Sirianni was the last surviving Blackhawk.


Chuck fought in the Second World War as a member of the Blackhawk Squadron, an independent multinational group of pilots devoted to fighting the Nazis. Chuck fought alongside the Justice League when they were transported back to the 1940s, though he was not formally introduced to them at the time.

Several decades later, he had settled on a farm in America with his wife, Mairzey, when he received a signal that the intruder alarms on Blackhawk Island had been tripped.

After informing the Justice League of the break-in, Chuck flew his fighter jet to the island, to guide the League team sent through the Island's defenses. He was taken hostage by Lex Luthor, but his knowledge of the Island's booby traps allowed him to evade the villains and return to the control center, in time to deactivate a self-destruct mechanism that Luthor had triggered. Like the other League members, he was presumably baffled when he saw that the villains had stolen only the Spear of Longinus – which, as far as anyone knew, was worthless.

Before leaving the Island, Chuck solemnly saluted the monument to his old comrades, along with Shayera Hol, who remembered the courage of the Blackhawks well.

Background information[]

Carlos "Chuck" Sirianni was created by Howard Chaykin in 1987, for his revamp of the original Blackhawk team. In the comics, he is Italian by birth but was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was also married to Mairzey.


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