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"Child's Play" is the seventh episode of Static Shock. It first aired on December 3, 2000.


Dwayne looked up to his step brother, Aron, who just got out of juvenile hall and moved back in with them. Virgil knows Aron hadn't changed his thieving ways, and wished Dwayne didn't admire him so much.

When a water fountain suddenly gave cherry soda, and a video game character came to life, Aron and Virgil figured out that Dwayne was a bang baby. Aron tricked Dwayne into stealing things for him.

At Freemann Comunity Center, Virgil and Richie tries to find Dwayne, but he's not here. Virgil ask his father where is Dwayne, he told him that Dwayne went with Aron in the Mall. Robert has bad feelings about Aron that he didn't change his thieving way, so Virgil and Richie rushes to the Mall.

At Dakota Mall, Loco-Martian robbing a mall, Virgil as Static appears tries to fight the monster, but no avail. He finds out about his weakness, he shoots a trash cans setting fire at terrifying robot capetillar and illusion of monster dissapears back into train toy. Static sees them, Aron lying Dwayne that Static is turning against them despite Static's warning, so Dwayne using Illusions to fight Static. During the fight, Static notices a speakers, he used a voice recorder then connecting to speaker. When he plays, all people in a mall listening Aron's voice speech record about dishlike of Dwayne. Dwayne also listen to this, but Aron fools him as Aron's voice continues "were not tight. He's not my brother, he's just step-brother". Hearing this, Dwayne summons a giant robot Dinosaur Rex to fights Static and knocking him down. Aron rooting and tell Dwayne to finish him, but it didn't hurt him, so he yells at Dwayne to finish Static. Finally realizing that Aron using him whole time, Dwayne stops the Illusion and runs to Static. Dwayne says he will wait to do the right things, but Static assures him he will and they walk away. Aron, tries to stop Dwayne, but Static zaps him on the wall leaving him to be arrested by police. He runs into Richie who tells him where's he going, Virgil says he's going to the Comunity Center to tell his dad about Aron's influence and he flies off.

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Background information

Home video releases

Production Notes

  • In this episode, the opening theme song has been slightly modified.

Production Inconsistencies

  • When Loco-Martian is turned back into the train, the clothes he put inside himself vanish between shots.


  • The imaginary Martian's weakness to fire is a reference to J'onn J'onzz, who (in the comics at least) is afraid of fire.
  • When Virgil is telling Aron who will be at the party he's supposedly throwing, he says someone named Felix will be there. In the comics, Felix was a friend of Virgil's.


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Worker (uncredited)
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Blayn Barbosa Dwayne McCall
R.J. Knoll Aron Price
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins
Sumokiri (uncredited)
Garrett Morris Preacher
Crystal Scales Daisy Watkins
Rickey D'Shon Collins Ray
First boy (uncredited)
Cameron Finley Second boy
Laraine Newman Mrs. Price

Uncredited appearances


Aron: We're not tight. And he's not my brother, he's just a stepbrother.

Aron: (grins) Frieda? She's gonna be there?

Aron: These stores keep the prices so high, nobody can afford to buy anything. What we don't keep, we'll give to the poor.

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