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Chase Me is a 6-minute short film based on The New Batman Adventures, which was included as a bonus feature with Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.


Chase Me Catwoman robbing the safe

Catwoman is interrupted by Bruce Wayne when she robs the safe in Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce Wayne is gazing out a penthouse window during a party. He's pulled to the dance floor by three lovely young ladies. Each has their turn before Alfred rescues Bruce, who dives into a nearby elevator. When he reaches his office, he sees none other than Catwoman at the safe, looting it. Catwoman pins Bruce to the wall while she finishes robbing the safe, and makes her escape. Bruce breaks free and heads after her as Batman.

He finds her on the rooftops, and the chase begins. She dives several dozens of stories below into busy traffic, breaking her fall with a banner and swinging onto a tour bus. She poses for some pictures until Batman arrives, taking most of the publicity away from her.

They jump on a milk truck tanker and Catwoman blows the tires out. The truck spins off, and Batman pursues after her, ignoring the truck and dumping gallons of milk on a couple of stray cats, as well as onto Harvey Bullock.

Then, they jump on a train, where, while going into a tunnel, Batman loses Catwoman, only to see her trail leading into a zoo. As one would expect, she detours through the Large Cats exhibit and leaves Batman. He escapes through the sunroof while Catwoman runs into an aviary to be chased out by a colony of bats. She is then cornered by Batman at the gates of the zoo. She notices he was scratched earlier and leans to kiss him. Batman pushes her away and she appears hurt. Batman then sweeps her into his arms and kisses her.

Chase Me Catwoman handcuffs

Catwoman is arrested in handcuffs by Batman of the authorities.

The cops arrive, and Catwoman looks around, concerned. She pushes Batman to leave. Batman then slowly smiles at her. He takes the bag of money and leaves. Catwoman smiles, thinking she's been let off the hook, only to find herself handcuffed to the fence. She falls to the ground, despondent, then looks up in quiet rage.

A remorseful Bruce Wayne looks through the window at the party, again, watching the cop cars fly past. Then, a lady grabs his arm and pulls him back to the party, from which he turns his head for one last sad glance through the window.

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  • The episode features no voice acting; the audio track consists solely of music.


  • Although she has no lines, this short marks Catwoman's final appearance in the DCAU.


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