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Chameleon Boy
Real name: Reep Daggie
Species: Durlan
Eyes: Black with White Irises
Base: 30th century Metropolis
Affiliations: Legion of Super-Heroes
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Voiced by: Jason Priestley

Chameleon Boy was a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. He had the native Durlan ability to change his shape into anything he chose. In 2979, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Chameleon Boy traveled back in time to 20th century Smallville to prevent Brainiac from murdering a young Clark Kent.


In The New Superman Adventures episode "New Kids in Town" Chameleon Boy was credited as "Chameleon Boy/Reep Daggie". However, in the DC Comics, his last name is spelled "Daggle".


The New Superman Adventures

Justice League Unlimited

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