DC Animated Universe

This was the prototype of the Cerestone-dogs made by Ronny Boxer for dog-fighting tournaments.


Sometime after his release from jail after hosting a cancelled dog fighting tournament, Ronny Boxer took to using the Cerestone chemical to mutate dogs into more efficient fighters. The prototype, however, had been made extremely swollen (being comparable in size to a Bull Elephant) and deformed to such an extent that it didn't even resemble a dog, due to Boxer "going overboard" with the injections. Although he considered putting the dog out to pasture, he decided to save it for future use.

Aces Faces Cesrestone Dog

That use came when Batman infiltrated his dog ring aboard a cargo ship, which was fully automated. Although Batman had already seen the Cerestone-mutated dogs while infiltrated the ship, he was shocked and horrified at the giant mutated dog in front of him. He tried to calm the dog, but the experimentation had made it extremely rabid, forcing Batman to attack. He eventually restrained the dog with his Batcables, but the dog eventually broke the restraints and nearly ate Batman until Ace intervened and bit him just as he attempted to swallow him. Batman then fired a cable into the beast's mouth and then electrocuted the dog.


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