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Central City was a city best known as the home of The Flash. The Flash enjoyed tremendous popularity among the city's inhabitants, who honored their hero with a Flash Appreciation Day and the dedication of a museum depicting his exploits. Highway signs proudly proclaim the city's status as "Home of The Flash".

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Background Info[]

In the JLU episode "Flash and Substance, reporter Linda Park refers to the "Central Keystone Area". In DC Comics, Central City and Keystone City are "twin cities". Central City was the home of Barry Allen (the silver age Flash), while Keystone City was home to Jay Garrick (golden age Flash) and Wally West.

In the comics, Central City has variously been located in Ohio—approximately where the real-world Athens, OH lies—and in Missouri, across the Mississippi River from Keystone City, Kansas. The latter is the currently-accepted official location. Based on the map shown in The Brave and the Bold, the DCAU's Central City is located somewhere near Fort Wayne, Indiana, though the map is inaccurate.

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