The Director managed the Center for Paranormal Studies and had special capabilities of his own.


The director helped to establish the institution for children with Metahuman capabilities to teach them how to control their powers. One of his patients was Claire Selton, who possessed pyrokinesis, but was later taken away by government agents for Project Firestorm before she could fulfill her potential.

When Selton, now known as Volcana, escaped and started causing trouble in Metropolis, Clark Kent went to ask the director a few questions about the institution. The director showed him around, but when Clark asked how the school stays in business, the director said it was a combination of alumni support, private donors, and secret government funding. When Clark asked him about Volcana, the director hurriedly excused himself.

The moment he was alone, however, he was confronted by two government agents who were concerned that he knew too much. As a result, they tried to force him into their car and take him into custody. However, the director used his kinetic abilities to blow out their tires and make it look like shots were fired at them. Using this distraction, he fled, but ran right into Clark. Now realizing the danger, the director offered to tell him what he knew if Clark took him somewhere safe.

At Clark's apartment, the director said that because the school was on the hook for government funding, they had to grant them access to knowledge of their students, hence the interest in Volcana. Clark asked about Volcana, and the director disagreed with Project Firestorm, but hinted that Kurt and the other cookie-pushers may have been getting more than they bargained for with Volcana. Just then, Clark heard some kind of trouble going on and excused himself, claiming he had something to take care of. The director told him not to worry as he sat back comfortably and helped himself to a root beer float.


Superman: The Animated Series

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