DC Animated Universe

Cecil was one of Steven Mandragora's goons.


A hired henchman in the employ of Steven Mandragora, Cecil was the slow and slightly dimwitted partner of Tony. Tony hated the fact that he had to constantly explain things to Cecil. Cecil didn't understand Tony's resentful attitude toward him.

Tony and Cecil were guarding their boss' mansion when Huntress tried to sneak in. She disposed of both quite easily. They later distracted federal authorities by posing as policemen to help Mandragora escape from his safe house. Tony and Cecil brought Mandragora to the docks, where he was reunited with his son.


Cecil was voiced by Steve Schirripa who played the role of Bobby Bacala on "The Sopranos." Cecil strongly resembles the Bobby Bacala character, who was also an overweight, simple-minded gangster. Cecil's plea to Tony, "Why ya gotta be so mean all the time, Tony? I'm always nice to you," is almost word-for-word what Bobby said to mob boss Tony Soprano in "The Sopranos" episode "Do Not Resuscitate".


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