DCAU Equipment Listings

Seems like there's quite a few equipment pages we could stand to create. A few that I thought of:

  • Poseiden's trident
  • Catwoman's caltrops
  • Bane's venom injectors
  • Hawkgirl's mace
  • Wonderwoman's armor and tiara
  • Wonderwoman's lasso
  • electrified knuckle dusters
  • Aquaman's spear-arm
  • Joker's laughing gas
  • Joker's throwing cards
  • Mr. Freeze's Cryosuit
  • Mr. Freeze's Freezeguns
  • Shriek's Acoustium Suit
  • Static's Magna-coaster
  • Nightwing's Glider
  • Royal Flush Gang Flight Platforms
  • Javellin Flyer
  • Batmobile
  • BatJet
  • BatFlightSuit
  • Shade's Night Stick
  • Twoface's coin
  • Poison Ivy's Wrist Mounted Crossbow
  • Joker's Joybuzzer
  • Scarecrow's Fear Gas
  • Penguin's Umbrella Gun
  • Kryptonite
  • Vandal Savage's War Wheels
  • S.T.E.E.L.'s Armor
  • Warhawk's Armor
  • Devil Ray's Powersuit
  • Justice League Javelin Flyer
  • Ventriloquist's Scarface Dummy
  • Green Arrow's Archery Set
  • Huntress's Crossbow
  • New Batmobile

--MercWithMouthTalkPage 22:56, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

Several of them are done, under vehicles. Others are, or can be, combined with the characters. Here's a truncated list: (strikethroughs are redundant, linked are existing or need to be made)
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