Although Cat Man was a fictional comic book character that John Stewart read about in comic books as a child, Cat Man actually existed in real life in a parallel universe.


In the 1950s, he was a member of the legendary team of superheroes known as The Justice Guild Of America. He was often paired up with Black Siren during field missions. He had a Cat-Cycle that he would ride as well. He also has retractable claws and a grappling hook. He was also quite athletic and was quite a skilled martial artist as well. He fought crime alongside his teammates until he was killed in a nuclear war.

The Cat Man encountered by the Justice League was a projection of Ray Thompson's mind.

Background information

According to Bruce Timm, Cat Man is based primarily on the DC comics Wildcat. He also has many traits similar to the Adam West version of Batman. "Catman" was the name of a Silver Age villain, Thomas Blake.


Justice League

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