Casey Rowan McCurdy is the brother of Rosalie Rowan.


For unknown reasons, Casey and Rosalie were left with their grandparents. Eventually, their grandparents passed away and the siblings were separated. Casey was taken into a foster home of the McCurdys and eventually adopted the name for himself. He worked as a text reporter in San Francisco.

When Ro was able to locate her brother thanks to Bucky, the siblings were delighted to see each other. However, Casey's boss quickly learned of the federal arrest warrant for her and Zeta and offered Casey a promotion to producer in exchange for turning them in. Casey was reluctant to do so, so his boss called in the NSA. This lead to a mishap on a hover trolley. Zeta was able to save the passengers and another trolley they were about to collide with.

When Casey returned to the news, he is met by Agent Bennet, who claims that Zeta was only trying to save himself and offers to drop the charges against Ro if he helps capture Zeta. Casey complied and arranged to meet them at the Golden Gate Bridge, where they were surrounded. However, Casey intentionally botched the capture by distracting the NSA agents. His boss realized what he was doing and tried to take control only for the helicopter to plummet into the bay. When they got out, his boss swore that he would not get the promotion.

Casey managed to get an encoded message to Ro that he will search for their parents and had made sure that Zeta was portrayed as a hero.


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