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Carmen Dillo was a Bang Baby who occasionally aligned himself with others, but usually worked alone. He was a mutant man-armadillo, as his name suggests.


Carmen was an unknown criminal who was at or near the Docks the night of the Big Bang, transforming him into an anthropomorphic armadillo. He was a recurring enemy of Static, but mainly used his powers for petty crime, usually attempting to steal other people's food.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

Carmen Dillo has a physiology similar to an armadillo. His armor is quite strong and resilient to damage, and when rolled into a ball, he can become a living wrecking ball of sorts that can do a lot of damage to anything it hits. Similar to Ferret, he also has enhanced senses, as he was able to determine Richie's sandwich by scent alone.[5]


Static Shock


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