Carlton Duquesne is a gangster in Gotham City.


Carlton Duquesne was a mobster in Gotham City when he associated with the Penguin. Ten years ago, an assassination attempt was set up for him, but in the aftermath, they killed his wife instead. Duquesne has been emotionally distant from his daughter, Kathy, so much that he sent his bodyguards (who formerly worked for the Joker) to protect her.

Duquesne came into association with the Penguin and Rupert Thorne into a weaponry smuggling operation to Kaznia, working as a hired muscle. However, he lost his position when the weaponry warehouse was destroyed by Batwoman. Moving the smuggling out to Naiad Cruiser, the three gangsters hired Bane to kill Batwoman. Upon taking her mask, however, his daughter was revealed to be Batwoman. Believing that Duquesne betrayed them, Penguin ordered Bane to kill him. However, Batman, Robin and the remaining Batwomen intervined and saved both Kathy and her father. After the incident, Carlton and Kathy reconciled and he agreed to a plea bargain in Stonegate Penitentiary.


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