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"Nothing's more important than family"[1]

Carl Beaumont was a financial planner who operated in Gotham City and an associate of crime lord Salvatore Valestra. He was the father of Andrea Beaumont.


Carl Beaumont was a financier. At one point in his life he was married to a woman named Victoria, and that marriage produced one child, a daughter named Andrea. He seemed to have an understanding that good times can quickly become bad and that when trying to plan the future, leave nothing to chance. Despite having a career in finance, Carl's life did not revolve around money. By outward appearances, Carl seemed to have a balanced view of life. It was likely he had been a good father and husband. At some point in Carl's life when Andrea was a college undergraduate or some time prior to that, Mrs. Beaumont passed away. Victoria's death inspired Carl to continue to stay close to his daughter. Even having everything would be fruitless if there was no one to share it with. Carl made time for Andrea. He and Andrea had dined with a young Turk named Arthur Reeves whom Carl retained as a lawyer. What no knew until much later was that there was a dark side to Carl's career, ironically motivated by what he considered most important in life.

For the sake of his daughter, Andrea, he became involved with the Valestra mob. The mob was a triad of three bosses: Salvatore Valestra, Chuckie Sol, and Buzz Bronski. Carl set up the corporate partnership that made them the directors of Adams Tool and Die, Big Time Amusements, Puckett & Peterson, Gotham Studios, and the O'Neill Funding Corporation. The objectives of these businesses were unspecified, but strongly suggested to be shell companies and front businesses for the trio of mobsters to launder money.

Problems with Valestra[]

When Andrea began dating young billionaire Bruce Wayne, Carl wanted to meet him. Carl did not seem impressed by Bruce coming from one of Gotham's moneyed families, but rather that he was a fine young man. Andrea had told Carl so many positive aspects about Bruce that her father joked he was already like one of the family. But Andrea told him repeatedly that Bruce wasn't up to it. When Carl eventually did meet Bruce, their meeting was interrupted by a visit from Valestra. Carl was reluctant to see him, because he had invested Valestra's money in European ventures without his permission.

Carl pleads

Carl pleads with Valestra to give him more time to get him his money.

Finally, at the late hour of one night, Valestra, Bronski, and Sol confronted Carl at his home; the three of them having discovered that he had embezzled their money. They were determined to make him pay one way or another, and that was right when Andrea arrived to complicate matters. Now with his daughter's life in danger, Carl begged Valestra to give him one more day to pay them back, promising him that once the European banks open, he will wire the whole amount to him. He agreed, but warned Carl that if he didn't pay them by then, they would kill him.

The deadline, however, was impossible to fulfill as the money was tied up in investments, which would actually take weeks to free up, and Carl and Andrea would have to leave for the airport that very night. Andrea started to protest and informed him of Bruce's proposal, but Carl informed her that they would both be found and killed when he didn't meet Valestra's deadline. The only person who knew where they would go was Arthur Reeves, who helped Carl and Andrea get out of Gotham City and remained in touch with them as they hid all over Europe. Carl finally settled on the Mediterranean coast with his daughter. He eventually managed to parlay the embezzled money into a fortune and paid Valestra and his men, but by that point, they wanted interest compounded in blood due to Carl failing to meet the original deadline and skipping town on them.

Carl was contacted one last time by Reeves, who was running for the office of City Councilman and needed financial assistance for his election campaign. Carl refused to help, however, presumably for two reasons: one, his own money problems did not grant him a surplus disposable income to be expended on electioneering; and two, he didn't want to risk the possibility that the mob would find out about him assisting Reeves' campaign and trace the financial transactions back to his and Andrea's location.

Unfortunately for Carl, his efforts were all for naught, as shortly after his refusal, a desperate Reeves sold his location to Valestra. Carl Beaumont was then assassinated by a nameless gunman, who was also Valestra's chauffeur, while Andrea was out shopping. Andrea returned home just as the gunman was leaving and was mortified to see him as her father had already paid the mobsters back. She then rushed inside and, upon discovering her father's dead body, screamed in agony.

Years later, Andrea donned a new identity as the Phantasm to exact revenge on those who murdered her father.[1] When Bruce was trying to piece together the recent violent turn of events, Andrea lied to him at one point that her father had become the Phantasm and she was there to stop his violent rampage. Unaware that Carl Beaumont was dead, Bruce considered it credible. Bruce eventually learned the truth, but was sadly unable to save Andrea, as she had been fully consumed by vengeance by then.


Feature film[]

The New Batman Adventures


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