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Captain Nazi

The Project: the serum and the test subject.

"I assure you, this man will be the first of a million super-powered soldiers."

The Captain Nazi Project was an attempt by Nazi Germany to create a super soldier.


The experiment was conducted in early 1944 by a Nazi scientist. However, before the serum could be tested, Spy Smasher took it and inadvertently killed the Nazi scientist who created it. He delivered the serum to his commanders at the O.S.S. The serum eventually found its way into a Cadmus storage facility. Cadmus scientists had tested the formula on lab animals, but it was unstable and caused disfigurement. General Wade Eiling took the formula to fight the Justice League after Cadmus stopped its operations.

Background information[]

In Fawcett Comics, Albrecht Krieger was a German soldier who was genetically enhanced by his scientist father. He became Captain Nazi, the Third Reich's own superhero. He was a rogue of Captain Marvel (directly responsible for the creation of Captain Marvel, Jr.) and later joined the Monster Society of Evil (Fawecett's equivalent of the Secret Society) and the Fourth Reich (a ragtag bunch of Nazi-themed villains).


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