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Captain Boomerang was a criminal, originally from Australia but based in Central City. Like many of Central City's criminal element, Boomerang frequently ran afoul of the Flash, and later wound up working as part of Amanda Waller's Task Force X.


Harkness Cadmus

Harkness as a member of Task Force X.

Captured by the Flash following a month-long crime spree spent robbing armored cars, Boomerang was convicted and incarcerated for his crimes. In exchange for amnesty, Boomerang elected to join Task Force X, a government covert operations team composed of criminals under the watch of Colonel Rick Flagg.

Having managed to gain early release from "the squad" (instead of the five years normally required by its recruits), Boomerang returned to Central City shortly before the Flash Museum's dedication. He soon chose to join forces with three other Flash foes to take revenge on the Scarlet Speedster. After Mirror Master's attempt to kill Flash failed, Boomerang attacked the hero with multiple exploding boomerangs. Then, he dispatched a giant boomerang rocket to clamp onto Flash, with the intention of crashing into a mountain, but Flash managed to disable the device and escape. Later, Captain Boomerang and the other villains tried to ambush Flash at the museum opening. With help from Batman and Orion, Flash defeated Boomerang and his companions, and the Rogues were taken into custody.

Abilities and weaponry[]

Captain Boomerang, as his name implied, was an expert with the aboriginal weapon and employed a varied arsenal of specialized boomerangs in his crimes.

Background information[]

In DC comics, Captain Boomerang is "Digger" Harkness, an Australian hired as a boomerang promoter by a toy company owned by his biological father. After being ridiculed by the audience, an angry Harkness used his boomerang skills in crimes.


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