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Camelot under siege

Camelot was the castle of King Arthur, as well as being the home of Merlin, Jason Blood and Sir Justin during medieval times.


Hoping to overthrow Arthur's rule so her son Mordred could rule the kingdom, Morgaine Le Fay organized an army of monsters to conquer King Arthur's lands. Arthur's forces initially held out against the invading armies but - unbeknownst to him - Le Fay had successfully planted a traitor in his court.

Rallying her troops, Morgaine launched a final assault on Camelot, during which Jason Blood opened the gates of Camelot to her invading armies, betraying Arthur and his people. Having been seduced by the witch, Blood thought that when Morgaine claimed Camelot they would rule together. Once the castle had been breached and her victory assured, however, Morgaine promptly betrayed Jason Blood, as well, wanting the throne for her son Mordred and no one else.

As Morgaine's forces swept through the castle, the wizard Merlin - realizing that all was lost - spirited away the Philosopher's Stone, hiding the magical artifact in an arc at Castle Branek. Merlin survived the battle long enough to literally curse his betrayer, bonding Jason Blood with a creature from the pit and forcing him to hunt down Morgaine Morgaine in an effort to avenge Camelot's defeat at her hands.

While Camelot ultimately fell to Morgaine's invasion, it proved to be a pyrrhic victory, as she was unable to crown her son king without the Philosopher's Stone. She would later spend centuries in an ultimately futile search for it, while the kingdom she and her son had hoped to rule fell into ruin - eventually lost to history.


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