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CCH Pounder (Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder) (born December 25, 1952 in Georgetown, British Guiana) is a Guyanese actress.

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Carol Christine Hilaria (CCH) Pounder was born December 25, 1952 in Guyana. Her early childhood was spent on a sugar cane farm until her parents moved to the United States. She spent a good portion of her youth in school in Great Britain until returning the U.S. to attend Ithaca College. She studied theater and began to appear in productions in New York City. She moved to Hollywood in 1977 and began to build a career in television. She is known for roles in psychological thriller Orphan and James Cameron's Academy Award-winning film Avatar.

On the special feature Cadmus Exposed, Bruce Timm said that Pounder often came to recording sessions without having attended earlier cast rehearsals, and often without having read the script in advance; yet she always gave an amazing performance, all the more amazing for being unrehearsed.

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