DC Animated Universe

"I want you and Zeta on the loose. It's what makes my life interesting."

Buss was one of many fans who followed the adventures of Ro and Zeta.


Buss was obsessed with Ro, whose adventures he followed attentively. He knew everything about her, and even went to great lengths to retrieve items she had used. He also wore a top similar to hers, and write a song about her.

With Meg and Plug, he helped the two fugitives escape Agent Bennet. Buss claimed to be on a Science Council message board with Dr. Selig, and would be able to get a private message through to him. He lured Ro to his house, where he showed off his knowledge of her. Ro was not impressed, and more intent to contact Dr. Selig. As she was searching the net, Bucky got a message through to her warning her about the three kids. Buss cut it off, but Ro managed to fight him off and Bucky reestablished contact. Buss had gotten up again and destroyed the computer.

Buss pleaded to Ro that she should stay with him, seeing as it was too late to rescue anyway. Ro was less than impressed with the offer of protection. She left the house, locking Buss inside. As the NSA arrived and went after Ro, Buss escaped and notified Meg. While Ro fought off the agents, Buss made sure to be out of the way and admired her in action.

As Zeta and Ro made a run for it on Meg's hoverbike, Buss followed them, knowing they'd run out of power soon. Ro and Zeta were cornered, so Buss grabbed Ro so she wouldn't be hit by the NSA, but Zeta was. He was incapacitated and taken aboard the hover van. Buss apologizes to Ro for their actions, now realising the error of his and his friends ways and offers to help her, but having lost trust in him, Ro refuses his help. Despite her objections, he picked up Bennet's signal, and pointed Ro towards the nearest NSA facility, but warns her that Zeta is in danger of being reprogrammed.


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