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Bunny Vreeland was an actress and the daughter of Veronica Vreeland.


Bunny was born to Gotham City's social elite member Veronica Vreeland and an unnamed man. At some point, she became an actress, and became very known.

Around 2019, Bunny was kidnapped, during which she was kept in an abandoned aerial hangar outside of the city. Despite being paid the five million dollars in ransom money, her captors planned to execute her anyway. She was saved moments before one of the thugs was able to shoot her in the head by Batman, an old friend of her mother's. After most of the thugs were defeated, she then witnessed Batman, who had suffered a mild heart attack whilst being pummeled by one of her captors with a crowbar (also gasping in an attempt to warn her rescuer of the oncoming attack on him), before resorting to using a gun to defend himself. After the captor left out of fear for his life and then Batman himself departing, she was presumably rescued by the GPD who had just arrived on the scene.[1]


Batman Beyond


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