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Species: Robot
Base: Chong-Mai
Abilities: Super strength, durability, nuclear energy blasts

Brimstone was a nuclear powered robot made for war. But when it lost control in Chong-Mai, the Justice League sent in Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Atom, and John Stewart to stop it.


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Brimstone was an unstoppable robot, wielding raw nuclear power. The robot's strength was great enough to swat Supergirl out of the sky like a fly. Its outer shell was hard enough to withstand bullets, RPGs, tank shells and even blows from powerhouses like Supergirl and Captain Atom without showing a dent. Its raw power could be concentrated into energy blasts that could be fired from its hands.

The radiation inside the robot was almost limitless, as even Captain Atom was overloaded when he tried to absorb it.

Its main weakness was anything capable of blocking or defusing radiation. Carbon rods shot by Green Arrow in a small exposed hole near its head powered it down.

Background information

In the comics, Brimstone was a creation of the evil intergalactic supervillain Darkseid. In this, his origins are obviously different. Though he was not named onscreen, he was named in the extra Themes of Justice.


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