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Brickhouse was a Bang Baby aligned with the Night-Breed.


Before the Big Bang, Brickhouse was already good friends with Gail. They were both caught by the Big Bang, which changed her more than Gail. They found each other in the shelter of an old subway station. Together with Fade and Tech, they became leading members of the Night-Breed.

They found the above-grounders to be unwilling to help, so they had to steal to survive. That was when Ebon found them. Brickhouse and Nightingale never trusted him, and he usurped command of the Breed nonetheless. In order to make all of Dakota dark, he had Tech analyze Nightingale's black matter powers and create a machine that could replicate it. Brickhouse helped in the robberies of the needed components, and fought Static and Gear. When the machine was reaching completion, she switched allegiances. Nightingale had already done so, and Brickhouse had to save her life.

After Ebon was defeated, Brickhouse returned to the dark with the rest of the Night-Breed.

Powers and abilities[]

Brickhouse had the power to change her body into a brick-like substance that grants her invulnerability. The change also let a huge amount of heat escape; enough to break metal. Her vulnerability, as was with all of the Night-Breed, was light.

Background information[]

In the comics, Marta was the best friend of Maria. She was leaning against a brick wall when the Big Bang hit her, transferring the wall's characteristics to her. As a result, she suffered epileptic attacks and amnesia. Brickhouse became a core member of the Blood Syndicate. Unlike her appearance in Static Shock, Brickhouse always looked like a wall.


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