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Brian "The Rock" Rogers was GSU's star quarterback. He was also a roommate of Dick Grayson.


Brian was eager to become a professional football player, hoping to support his family with the salary of an athlete. To this end, he worked tirelessly to become one of GSU's best players, hailed by the media as a "one-man offense" and attracting the attention of all the major-league teams. Eventually, Brian learned that scouts from many of the biggest football teams in the league were coming to GSU's game against State Tech. With his dream so close, he was understandably nervous, but determined to make a great impression.

The night before the game, Brian received a strange telegram from an anonymous fan. Its cryptic message puzzled him and his roommate Dick Grayson. Unbeknownst to them, it was a trap designed by the Scarecrow. The telegram was loaded with a new version of his fear toxin; by infecting star athletes and then betting against their teams, Scarecrow would gather large sums of money to fund his schemes.

When the game came, it was arguably the worst day in Brian's collegiate career. With thousands of fans, many scouts, and the viewers at home watching, he fumbled all his passes, forgot even the most basic tactics, and completely lost focus.

Brian signs

Brian officially signed by the Gotham Knights.

Soon, GSU was trailing by 25 points, and the fear toxin hadn't fully kicked in yet. When it did, Brian saw the opponents as horrific monsters out to get him. Panicked, he broke down and was rushed to the infirmary.

After the cause of his panic was found out, Brian recovered. The Gotham Knights signed him as the first of the draft.


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