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The brain trust

Bombshell and Invulnerable Man with Tamara Caulder.

The Brain Trust was a secret international society believed to be based somewhere in Europe. They considered themselves above all the rest because they were capable of accessing the most potential of their brains. The Brain Trust set up fake schools to lure children with paranormal abilities and then kidnapped them. They set out to recruit many gifted persons that would eventually change the world.


One of their targets was Tamara Caulder. The Brain Trust sent two of its members, Bombshell and Invulnerable Man, to recruit her, but they were unsuccessful thanks to Batman.[1]

Bombshell and Edgar later got out of jail and met with their fellow Brain Trust member, Schiz. They took two more children under their wing, giving them code names like Transita and Amp, promising their families that they'd help them control their powers.

Bombshell and Schiz witnessed how Ro "talked" to a robo-harvester, unaware that it was her robot friend Zeta in disguise. They kidnapped her and forced her to try and reactivate a bomb, despite her protests that she didn't do anything. Luckily, Transita used her powers to fixed a severed wire, because she broke it in the first place. The Brain Trust then began calling Ro "Relay".

The Trust had a plan to use the bomb at a nearby radio tower, so that it could release ultraband radiation to awaken the dormant powers in other children. However, it would kill others who didn't have dormant powers. Thankfully, Zeta was able to foil their plot and the Trust members were incarcerated and the children returned home.[2]

Known Members[]


Batman Beyond

The Zeta Project


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