Boxy Bennett was a fairly powerful gangster who operated in Gotham City. Although he did not have the clout of the likes of Rupert Thorne or Arnold Stromwell, Bennett had made himself known in Gotham's underworld, at one point even taking over one of Joker's fronts. He also had a soft spot for Harley Quinn and flirted with her whenever they met.


Boxy ran an underground gambling operation, before Harley Quinn and Batman accidentally stumbled upon it, forcing him to abandon his operation.[1] Despite Harley having been partly responsible for him having to shut down his gambling operation, Boxy still had a thing for Harley and she attempted to use this to get him to sneak her out of town later on, however once again Batman showed up, alongside Robin, and apprehended all of his henchmen. Boxy attempted to get revenge on Harley in retaliation for this, but this proved to be fatal mistake. In this attempt he crossed paths with Harvey Bullock, who had been on a separate hunt for Harley Quinn. When Quinn is captured by Batman, Boxy runs his truck into Bullock's car and a fire hydrant. Bullock takes advantage of this to arrest Bennett, who presumably was wanted by the GPD.[2]

Boxy Bennett is arrested by Harvey Bullock


Batman: The Animated Series


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