DC Animated Universe

Boss Biggis was an obese slaver in the desert outside Gotham City.


Biggis enslaved many of Gotham City's homeless and put them to work in his slave camp. His scheme was having them dig up gold ore for his own profit. His men eventually brought back a newcomer, who was Bruce Wayne in disguise. The amnesic Bruce turned out to be a bother to Biggis when he attempted to execute a camp friend of his. Bruce soon escaped and Biggis' men went after him. As he sat in his cottage eating endlessly, he was encountered by Batman, who had finally remembered who he was. Biggis opened fire on Batman and he chased him into his mines along with his men.

While in the mines, he turned off the lights in an attempt to blind Batman. The plan failed and ended up being a liability as Batman had the advantage of blending into the darkness. With his men defeated, Biggis tripped and his lantern caught several crates of dynamite on fire. Batman rescued him and they slid down a water pipe into the nearby lake. Biggis, who was unable to swim, begged Batman not to let him drown, to which the Dark Knight wryly commented that may not be such a bad way to go considering Biggis would be looking at a long future of prison meals. Biggis was later remanded to police, where he presumably later went to trial and prison.


Batman: The Animated Series