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Bombshell was a member of the Brain Trust. Like the other members, she was able to tap into her brain's hidden potential, which granted her special abilities.


Bombshell's real name and back-story are unknown, but she acted like an integral part of the Brain Trust. She kidnapped Tamara Caulder from her parents and possibly many others prior to her. Bombshell was a proponent of the elitist beliefs of the Brain Trust. She adamantly believed her kind to be superior and that they would change the world.

When Batman tried to break Tamara free from the clutches of the Brain Trust, Bombshell overwhelmed him with her electrical discharges. However, she was assailed by Tamara's frightening telepathic projections, which gave Terry the opportunity to strap her with a lifebelt and throw her against a pile of crates. Bombshell was last seen twitching under a big coffer that fell upon her.

Bombshell later returned when she and another member of Brain Trust witnessed a blond-haired girl named Ro, actually her robotic friend Zeta disguised as her, "talked" to a robo-harvester. They kidnapped her, believing that she had the power to talk to machines and refused to believe that she couldn't. Bombshell threatened Ro to fix a bomb accidentally damaged by one of their youths, codenamed Transita. The latter secretly fixed the bomb for Ro, and she was named Relay. The Brain Trust then forwarded their plan to unleash waves of radiation upon the nearby town, so as to "awaken" the special powers in any potential youth. They were stopped by Zeta and arrested.

Powers and abilities[]

As an electrokinetic, Bombshell had the ability to generate powerful, electrical charges, which she could discharge by snapping her fingers. She once stated that they are strong enough to take out a small infantry. However, she seemed to need her hands in order to aim her attacks and could not perform them with her arms restricted.


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