Bogg was the leader of a couple of Malibu Island thugs.


Sven hired Bogg and his crew to harass Wade Pennington, so that the incompetent bodyguard could "rescue" him. They planned to do so by chasing him onto the beach on hoverbikes, but they had not counted on Zeta's intervention. The synthoid threw a parasol into Bogg's bike, damaging it. With the help of Nub, he escaped.

He brought his bike to the old Surfside Repairs Garage, where he tried to fix the damage. Zeta and Ro showed up to inquire them about the kidnapping of Wade Pennington. After Nub and Pudge were taken out, Bogg attacked Zeta with a welding torch. He slashed the tool wildly, destroying his hoverbike in the process. After Ro threw a vat at him from behind, the torch landed in oil, setting the garage ablaze.

Zeta managed to shield Bogg and Ro from the ensuing explosion. Frightened, Bogg told them how Sven had paid them to hassle Wade, and pointed in his general direction.


The Zeta Project

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