DC Animated Universe

Bobby Felix was one of Professor Felix's children.


Bobby and his sister Sarita were taken by their father, geologist Professor Felix, to the volcanic island of Raknaveek. But while their father did his research, they were bored. It all changed when they found a mysterious robot; though Sarita was afraid of him first, she saw his right side when he saved her from a rock slide. Bobby and Sarita named him "Steel Man".

They hid him in a cave, where he told them he was an alien robot sent to Earth to deliver a message. The kids believed him, and made preparations so he could get off the island undetected. He warned them that people would be asking for him, trying to stop him. Influenced by Steel Man's words, Bobby and Sarita went to work. Bobby chased off Lois Lane, who had some questions.

Steel Man wasn't happy with the news of a reporter asking questions, but that problem was quickly solved. Lois had followed the kids to Steel Man's cave, but the robot detected her. He bound her and planned to leave her as the island was evacuated, but Bobby and Sarita protested. Superman flew in to engage Steel Man, at which point Lois Lane took the children away from the approaching lava stream. Bobby tried to dissuade "Steel Man" from killing Superman, but Metallo replied that Steel Man was dead. The distraction was all Superman needed: he took out Metallo's kryptonite. Superman then flew Lois and the kids to safety before the volcano fully erupted. At the harbor, Bobby and Sarita were reunited with their father.


Superman: The Animated Series